The Bears Need a Better Pitcher.

Russia, some say, in an attempt to take domestic attention off of the ongoing stalemate in Ukraine (and the failing economy tied to the sanctions regarding that situation), has decided to shore up it's ally Assad, in Syria-- to show the domestic audience how powerful the Bear really is.

To that end, what better way to help a friend than by firing missiles at their enemies?

Except when you miss.

"At least four Russian cruise missiles, headed for Syria, have reportedly crash-landed in Iran, Pentagon sources tell CNN and other outlets.

And further down:

"Russia's high-tech military gear is just not that great

For all Russia's military might — its force, one of the largest in the world, has been modernizing in recent years — its higher-tech equipment such as cruise missiles has long lagged behind Western standards."

The Pentagon brass is going to have a great happy hour tonight.