Griffin's BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C adapter

I've recently been in the market for a new laptop. The Macbook seemed attractive at first because it's thin, light, and sufficiently powerful for a daily driver.

But then one notices that it's missing the one thing that convinced me that Apple's laptop hardware was thoughtful, all those years ago when I started my romance with their products: Magsafe. 

For all the tradeoffs that a general purpose computer could have, this one boggles my mind the most. The statement that one port on a computer makes is... big. But making that big statement while taking away a truly key feature is.... bizarre. We would ooo and ahh about the awesome new keyboard, the thinness, lightness, power, and battery life fine and not at all begrudge that port sitting next to a MagSafe power cord. 

If this Macbook truly indicates where Apple is taking it's laptops, I'd feel compelled to pop it on the list of Apple's questionable design choices for 2015

And I don't care what Stern says, that battery case is yuck. Not iPhone 4 's line-breaks-on-the-antenna-that-I-could-get-used-to-yuck. Just yuck.

The Verge has some more info on how accessory maker Griffin has hacked or dongled their way into getting MagSafe on the new Macbook. It's ugly, but it could literally save your Mac from a fateful crash from atop a coffee table.