When You Don't Want Windows 10

Every single time I turn on my 2010 HP Envy 14, I'm assaulted by a huge pop-up telling me that I should join 110 million other users and upgrade my machine to Windows 10. 

MS is aggressive -- too aggressive about forcing this older hardware to adopt their new software.

Case in point-- my 2010 HP Envy 14 doesn't want Windows 10. I know this because I popped Windows 10 on another older machine to see how well it does on older hardware. It's fine, but it's far from any sorta performance improvement.

Now I don't advocate that anyone interested in computing performance spend a lot of time on a 6 year old laptop. I'm looking to upgrade but frankly, the machine is more than adequate for classic gaming, writing and working on the web.  That means that in its current state, as long as security updates still keep on coming, the Windows 7 system is a good thing for this computer-- especially when I think about passing it on to a child or someone else in need of a reliable, if not crazy fast machine.

So if you're like me, and want to save your windows 7 experience by stopping upgrade-focused pop-ups and stopping  auto-upgrading, then check this site out.