Amazon - The Everything Store. And Bezos means EVERYTHING

The last several months have been big for Amazon. Most recently, the so-called "Everything Store" posted a profit; a feat considered by most analysts to be above and beyond expectations.  The Echo device has been a breakout hit that's selling like hotcakes. Now they've hit phase II, with Echo Skills that allow for third parties to pair their services to the voice services. 

To that end, Ford, Uber, and Dominoes have decided to partner with the retail giant to grow their sales, meaning that through an Amazon portal, you can order a ride or a pizza with your voice, or, in the case of Ford, one day soon you'll be able to access Alexa Voice Services in your car in order to ask queries, get the news, and put things on your to-do and shopping lists.

As if totally leapfrogging the intelligent voice assistants that Apple and Google slapped onto their mobile devices wasn't enough, Amazon