Quartz - More Americans are relying exclusively on their phones for Internet access

The cost of home broadband is just too high.

And paradoxically, we can't afford for it to be too high since:

(1) our economy requires rich connectivity to support its entertainment, software, and services-based sectors and

(2) young people need regular, cheap and abundant access to the Internet in order to become the workers and innovators of tomorrow.

The solution is simple: The broadband market must be made more competitive. Congress, in league with the FCC and the FTC can and should make this a priority.

The Empire Strikes Back - Comcast Edition

Dante D'Orazio, writing for The Verge: 

 "If data caps don't improve network reliability or performance, why does Comcast now see the need to charge customers more for the same data they've been using for years? Since there's such scarce competition in the US cable industry, the answer is likely quite simple: because Comcast can."

So...having lost its bid for a two-tiered Internet, Comcast institutes data threshold in order to wring yet more revenue out of its customers...because it's the only game in town. It's time for the DOJ, the FCC and the FTC to look into what it's going to take to open up competition in the wired ISP space.