The Drill Down 437: All In The Family

On this week’s Drill Down podcast, we ask whether the Russians hacked the DNC, and discussed how Instagram is out-Snapchatting Snapchat. We also get into how Uber exited China, Oracle's acquisition of NetSuite, how Tesla sealed deal with Solar City, and whether we should be concerned that all three mergers were between family members. 

We also go into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a real-world tribute to Pikachu, and ask the question: Who’s the most tech-savvy Presidential candidate?

That and more this week on #TheDrillDown

The Drill Down 428: 10-Core Workout

This week, while I was in China, Andrew and Tosin were on their own to discuss why the Jawbone UP is down and out, how and why Intel is busting out 10-core chips, and whether the Hulk Hogan/Gawker suit threaten journalistic free speech? They also get into whether the Google vs Oracle matter is a victory for fair use, and how European hate speech laws may affect US social media.

Find the episode over at Geeks of Doom.